Humankind is about to make a marvelous leap into the next level of awareness. We are swinging back into a more heart centered existence. For millennia the world has been dominated by the lust for power, greed, and control and now it is time to let go of the old ways so that a more enlightened society can take root.

This is not the time to point fingers and judge others for the makings of the world. It is time to take responsibility for your own sphere of influence. It is time to wake up to our own divinity - to the realization that we are ONE, and what one does effects ALL.

Glenn Willard

Glenn Willard is inspired by indigenous understandings of the world and their respect for nature and care for the environment. Direct experience of spirit is more important to him than the structure of religious beliefs, thus he is orientated towards Shamanism, which has commonalities throughout the indigenous peoples of the world.

Its not what we do but our attitude toward it.

The Water Chronicles

A delightful and insightful book, The Water Chronicles takes the reader through over 100 short stories to an understanding of the magic and mystery of water.

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